The Best Metronome App For Piano Practice

Many piano players currently practicing their fingering, scales, runs and improvisation are also looking to improve their overall timing using a metronome app. This is a smart move.

What they quickly discover is that there are tons of options, and many of them are more or less exactly the same. Which metronome app is the best?

The first thing to remember is that there is a big difference between timing and rhythm. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, but they are very different. There is also another huge skill to build: dynamics. Let’s quickly look at each.


Great timing keeps you playing on the beat. A well-conditioned internal clock will help you from speeding up or slowing down. For improving your timing, any boring old click will do, as long as it’s consistent.


Developing rhythm is a different challenge altogether. It is more associated with feel and style than timing alone, and is very important for sounding musical. But is there a metronome app that can train your rhythm and timing simultaneously?

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This is your loud and soft. The best pianists use dynamics to add major expression into their playing. For beginners still working on their control, things like accents and intensity swells often lead to speed-ups or otherwise erratic playing. Training dynamics is tricky because it requires musical accompaniment that lowers and raises in intensity. Regular metronomes can’t help here.

Say Hello To Drum Beats+

Our app Drum Beats+ is a metronome app that uses real drum beats to help improve your rhythm, timing and dynamics. It was made by a drummer and has everything you need for fun, game-changing piano practice.

We’ve done all the work for you so all you have to do is jam. Just press play on over 100+ great beats and start practicing the smart (and fun) way.

Do piano players actually like this app?

No. They love it! Piano teachers love it as well. Want proof? Here is just a small sample of reviews from pianists like you who love our app:

Metronome App for Piano

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Stress-free simplicity. Drum Beats+ has just the right amount of features so you’ll never waste time fiddling with buttons and getting stressed out. It’s a straightforward metronome with great-sounding drum beats that is designed to help you improve.

Train your rhythm naturally. Since Drum Beats+ is packed with real grooves, you’ll have the perfect environment for training your rhythm (it’s just like playing with a real drummer). Say goodbye to that horrible click.

Master beat continuity. With our fun and challenging ‘bar-break’ beats, you’ll be able to easily make beat continuinty a regular part of your practice routine – which your bandmates will love. This is impossible to do on regular metronome apps, and a pain to program on drum machines.

Keep time when playing loud or soft. With our pre-programmed dynamics trainer beats, you can easily practice playing from soft to loud at different speeds and rhythms. This is a great way to improve your timing and dynamics all at the same time.

It’s affordable. Our app costs less than a hamburger and has tons of valuable, great-sounding beats.


Music has brought a lot of joy to our lives, and Drum Beats+ is our gift back. It was lovingly designed to save you time and make practice more fun. Download it today and bring back the fun and productivity to practice! We know you and your students will love it.