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Perfect for the practicing musician or aspiring songwriter, Drum Beats+ is a game-changer! Our handy beat machine has one function - PLAY! No programming required and no annoying tick-tick. Now you can improve your rhythm and timing while staying musically inspired - no matter what instrument you play. Save favorites with a tap, change tempo in a snap, and roll the dice for a random beat. Enjoy tons of real, high-quality drum beats performed by a REAL drummer.


Rolling Stone Magazine called this app 'a proper replacement for your deadbeat drummer,' but it's even more than that.

Drum Beats+ is your ultimate musical companion, providing inspiration and dutiful drumming at your command. Join musicians and teachers worldwide who rely on its simplicity and unbeatable value.

With 6,350 five-star ratings (and counting), Drum Beats+ is the trusted tool musicians count on. Say goodbye to mundane metronomes, programming beats or waiting around for whatever-his-name-is to show up. Drum Beats+ empowers you to create, practice, and spend more time in the moment. Supercharge your musical journey today!

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