Music Practice: The Huge Downside To Using A Drum Machine

Music Engineer

For practicing a musical instrument, drum machines are a good improvement over metronomes. They can give you the real feel of a drummer and let you program essential things like bar-breaks, time-signature flips, and dynamically shifting beats – which can really help your musicality.

However, the huge downside is that drum machines are simply not made for music practice. They’re made for composition and production.

We have to ask ourselves the question, “Are we practicing or composing right now?”

Don’t get me wrong. Drum machines and drum machine apps are a great addition to any home studio. But all those fun, robust features that we love to tinker with may actually be taking us off course. We can easily feel productive in our routine booting up and making beats, and maybe we can even feel like it doesn’t take that long to do. But over time, the minutes and hours do add up, and our focus suffers.

A Better Option

It would be nice if there was a tool that was as simple to use a metronome but had the benefits of a drum machine with none of the setup work. You guessed it…there is!

Drum Beats+ Rhythm Metronome is our baby, and it’s the perfect metronome app for practicing musicians because it was made by musicians who were frustrated with all the other options out there.

As musicians ourselves, we know the above issues all too well. We dealt with them for years. This is why we created the first ‘organic metronome’ that uses beautiful, inspiring drum beats and a dead-simple interface made specifically for practicing your instrument.


Stress-free simplicity. Drum Beats+ has just the right amount of features so you’ll never waste time fiddling with buttons and getting stressed out. It’s a basic metronome with great-sounding drum beats that is designed to help you improve.

Train your rhythm naturally. Since Drum Beats+ is packed with real grooves, you’ll have the perfect environment for training your rhythm (it’s just like playing with a real drummer). Say goodbye to that horrible click.

Master beat continuity. With our fun and challenging ‘bar-break’ beats, you’ll be able to easily make beat continuinty a regular part of your practice routine – which your bandmates will love. This is impossible to do on regular metronome apps, and a pain to program on drum machines.

Keep time when playing loud or soft. With our pre-programmed dynamics trainer beats, you can easily practice playing from soft to loud at different speeds and rhythms. This is a great way to improve your timing and dynamics all at the same time.

It’s affordable. Our app costs less than a hamburger and has tons of valuable, great-sounding beats.


Music has brought a lot of joy to our lives, and Drum Beats+ is our gift back. It was lovingly designed to save you time and make practice more fun. Download it today and bring back the fun and productivity to practice! We know you and your students will love it.