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Where Are My Purchases / Beat Packs / VIP / Pro Subscription?

If you’ve previously purchased beat packs that are missing from your library, and have since upgraded to Drum Beats+ 4.x, you may need to restore your purchases to see them in your library. Please note that you do not need to purchase a lifetime / pro / vip / subscription to use your existing purchases.

How To Restore My Purchases:
– Ensure your device is connected to Wifi
– Open Drum Beats+
– Tap ‘Settings’ (gear icon)
– Tap ‘Restore Purchases’
– Enter your Apple ID if asked (same one you originally purchased with)
– Enjoy!

Apple will verify your receipt(s) and, once confirmed, your purchased packs will appear in your library. Please note you may need to repeat this process on any of your additional devices using Drum Beats+.

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