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How to Use Count-In Feature

You can enable a count-in sound to play for 1 or 2 bars before starting a new beat. Note: if a beat is already playing and you change a beat, the count-in will NOT play. Count-in only plays when the player is stopped.

How to Enable Count-In

1. Open ‘Settings’ by tapping the gear icon at the top of your screen

2. Tap ‘1 Bar’ or ‘2 Bars’. The default count-in sound will be a click.

3. Change the count-in sound if you like.


  • The count-in will play only when starting a new beat. If you are already playing a beat, changing a beat will not trigger the count-in.
  • If you’d like to select a Favorite beat before counting in, enable the ‘Favorites Arming’ feature in Settings.
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