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How To Lock A Tempo

Drum Beats+ saves you time by allowing you to set / remember the tempo of a favorite beat. We call this ‘locking a tempo’.

There are two ways to lock a tempo—from the Tempo screen and from the Favorite’s screen.

From the Tempo Screen

  1. Favorite the beat by tapping the star icon
  2. Tap the tempo button to open the tempo screen

3. Adjust the tempo

4. Tap the lock button when finished

From the Favorite’s Screen

  1. Tap the dimmed tempo box (dimmed means ‘pass-through’, there is no tempo assigned to this favorite beat so it will use the app’s current BPM)

2. Adjust the tempo

3. Tap the lock button when finished

You’ll now see a darkened tempo box on your Favorite’s screen indicating a tempo has been assigned to your beat. You can change it any time by unlocking and re-locking the button.

Additionally, feel free to tap the edit button (the pencil) on the Favorite’s nav bar if you’d like to clone Favorite beats at different tempos—handy for practice drills, for example.

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