Master Modal Theory

Finally, a step-by-step trainer to learn modal theory. Plus, a sweet jam tool to test out your skills. Modal Buddy makes it easy and fun.


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Step-by-step training. Clean design. Avoid confusion by learning the fundamentals of modal theory in the right order. Take breaks by jamming with our hands-on practice tool and awesome backing tracks!


After our other app, Guitar Jam Tracks, was featured by Guitar World as a Top 25 guitar app, we received countless emails from customers asking for us to add modal jam tracks. So we did. However, the emails kept coming.

What is it about modes that's so confusing? Why do so many guitarists get lost with this stuff? We committed ourselves to finding the answer. What we now know is that the entire problem is that there isn't a clear way to TEACH this material. A quick search on Google will show you, this topic is a MESS. Nobody knows how to teach it properly. Even great instructors end up writing pages and pages of confusing text, and the confusion continues - decade after decade. Nobody has taken the time to package the material into a consumable form - until now!

Modal Buddy is the result of 6 rigorous months of study and weeks of writing and rewriting. We bought every book on the topic and realized it just needed to be massaged into something clean and easy to understand. In the chapters of our Learn section, we poured over every word to ensure the ideas are nearly impossible to misunderstand. We distilled the theory down to 3 main steps and designed the perfect training tool in the Practice section. This thing will let you "pull the levers" and discover the anatomy of modes first-hand, while you're jamming to the sweet tunes we recorded. There's really nothing else like it out there!

We're confident that there has never been a more simple, comprehensive and polished training tool for modal theory - and we're confident you and your students will love incorporating the magic of modes in your playing! Modal Buddy will save you an incredible amount of time (and money), and will get you to the next level faster than ever before. Good luck.