Real Drum Beats
Make Practice Fun

Practice and play a more natural way. Drum Beats+ is the metronome app with tons of inspiring, engaging beats. No more boring tick-tick!


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Perfect for the practicing musician or aspiring songwriter, Drum Beats+ is a game-changer! Our handy beat machine has one function - PLAY! No programming required and no annoying tick-tick. Now you can improve your rhythm and timing while staying musically inspired - no matter what instrument you play. Save favorites with a tap, change tempo in a snap, and roll the dice for a random beat. Enjoy tons of real, high-quality drum beats performed by a REAL drummer.


We did it again! Drum Beats+ is our second app, and another smash hit. Musicians and teachers everywhere are using it for all different reasons, but mainly as a replacement for their boring old metronome. It's so simple and jam-packed with value.

Did we mention we're crazy about audio quality, too? Plug this thing into nice speakers and get ready to be impressed - all these beats are professionally produced. There is no MIDI or auto-tuning going on. You could even perform live with this if you want to (and some customers do!)

We made this app with one goal in mind: give every musician instant, reliable access to a great drummer. Period. You shouldn't have to program beats yourself, or settle for the tiresome click of a regular metronome, or wait for a real drummer to show up. We put real heart and soul into this product and we know that as a musician, you'll recognize that. Thanks for your support!